CORDYCEPS COFFEE 3 in 1 (assists lung health)

CORDYCEPS COFFEE 3 in 1   (assists lung health)
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Cordyceps 3 in 1 Coffee -  Cordyceps is another famous nutritional mushroom (of course it doesn't taste like mushrooms !) so again you are getting a Vitamin shot as you are drinking your daily coffee. It can be very beneficial for lungs, stamina and endurance.  Arabica coffee is well known for its extremely low caffeine content, but you still get a boost because of the added superior nutrition in Cordyceps.
Arabica Coffee, Cordyceps, creamer & some sugar, all in the one sachet for your convenience and is deliciously rich in flavour. 
Box 20 sachets each makes 1 large mug or 2 cups, for a richer taste.
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