GL 30 - GANOCELIUM (Ganoderma Mycelium)

GL 30 - GANOCELIUM (Ganoderma Mycelium)
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Ganocelium contains pure Organic Ganoderma lucidum Mycelium (root system) powder harvested from an 18-day old Mycelium.  The Mycelium are extra rich in Polysaccharides and Organic Germanium.   Daily intake of Ganocelium (GL) assists in improving and  maintening of our general well-being. 
Can be taken at any time of the day. Start with 1 per day, gradually increase for better results, reducing when desired results are achieved.  Best taken in Pairs (1 each RG and GL.)
Bottles contain 30 (GL30) each 450 mg of Ganocelium in vegetable gel capsules.   


Mycelium as Bee Saviours
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