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Cordypine blends quality cordyceps together with naturally fermented pineapple juice.  Cordypine is a potent formula as the pineapple enzymes produced from fermentation are capable of working synergistically with cordyceps mushroom, giving  better result and excellent performance.  Cordypine is a delicious drink, suitable for all people. Regular consumption of Cordypine assists in the maintenance or improvement of general well-being.   285 ml or 700 ml

Gout is a kind of arthritis. It can cause an attack of sudden burning pain, stiffness and swelling in a joint. Gout occurs mostly among men.

Men between 40 and 60 years old are more likely to get gout, a complex form of arthritis caused by a buildup of excessive uric acid in tissues. The acid commonly builds up in joints - especially in the joint at the base of the big toe and causes pain and inflammation. The pain can be so severe that the weight of a bed sheet on the affected area is intolerable.

To manage the problem, Cordypine is essential since it has high anti-inflammatory properties (especially bromelain) that is able to reduce the inflammation quickly which achieves similar results to anti-inflammatory drugs, but without side effects. Cordypine contains a well-fermented pineapple that is mixed with Cordyceps to enhance its therapeutic effect.

Bromelain helps reduce swelling and inflammation in the body, making it beneficial in the treatment of conditions such as arthritis, sinusitis, inflammatory bowel conditions and general sprains and strains. Bromelain can also help break down fibrin, a protein that can cause blood clotting.

Adding Andro-G will speed up the recovery since Andro-G is derived from the leaves of Andrographis Paniculata, a kind of herbaceous plant that is widely cultivated in Sourthern and Southeastern Asia for its great medicinal purposes.

Andro-G is one of very alkaline range of plants that is able to balance the acidity of the blood that prevents the accumulation of the uric acids in the joints. At the same time with its natural anti-inflammatory properties, it is able to reduce and even overcome the swelling of the gout.

During the treatment phase, a person with gout has to consume Cordypine and Andro-G at the same time:
1) Cordypine 30ml + water 200ml = drink 3 times daily
2) Andro-G 3 capsules x 3 times daily.

Once the swelling is reduced, the person has to continue with Cordypine and Andro-G for maintenance to prevent the buildup of uric acid in the system. The dose can be:
1) Cordypine 30ml daily
2) Andro-G 2 capsules daily.

Eat well and stay well!

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