REISHI GANO TEA with Ganoderma

REISHI GANO TEA with Ganoderma
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Reishi Gano Tea contains only tea (Camillia sinensis) and Ganoderma extract. It has NO added preservatives, artificial colourings or flavourings.
It is rich in Polyphenols that possess potent antioxidant functions which help to protect the human body against harmful effects of free radicals that may weaken our immune system. To enhance the beneficial effects of black tea, high quality Reishi Gano extract has been added to make it highly nutritious.
It refreshes your mind and body and helps you breeze through your day. You will delight in its exceptional flavour and pleasant aroma in this rich, golden brew. If you are a Black Tea drinker, this is for you.

Box of 20 teapot bags - each makes up to 8 cups.





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