ZHI-MOCHA - Ganoderma, Coffee & Chocolate mix.

ZHI-MOCHA - Ganoderma, Coffee & Chocolate mix.
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The delicious Mocha - Coffee drink contains Ganoderma extract blended with selected coffee beans, Cocoa powder, sugar and non-dairy creamer.  Zhi Mocha is specially for  chocolate lovers who also love the taste of coffee as well. This rich and aromatic Zhi Mocha is very delicious. Children Love it. Box of 20 sachets - each makes 2 cups.    Halal.
Ganoderma coffee with its variations, have arrived in a big way to rejuvenate the health and life of avid coffee loving people! Most of you are aware of the ill effects of excess caffeine consumption. But you just canít do without the regular dose of revitalising cuppa! How about switching over to coffee Ganoderma-the healthier coffee alternative?

Ganoderma Coffee is an absolutely natural product. The caffeine content contained in this type of coffee is tremendously low as compared to the fully caffeinated and decaffeinated varieties. As far as taste is concerned Ganoderma coffee is rich, strong and deliciously tasty. 

DXN Coffee  is Arabica coffee. The bushes grow at over 1000 feet above sea level, on Brazilian farms, which grow exclusively for this company. No pesticides are used and full control is maintained over the organic farming process. At this altitude, the Arabica bushes have no insect problem, and so do not produce extra caffeine. In fact, these produce only 0.06% caffeine (about 8-14mg), which is less than the caffeine found in most Green Teas.



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