HEALTHY COFFEE with Ganoderma (Black)

HEALTHY COFFEE with Ganoderma (Black)
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                     This is actually Nutritional & Healthy  Coffee !
Called Lingzhi Black Coffee because it combines Ganoderma  extract with the finest quality and satisfying taste of real Arabica coffeeGet that Perk without a caffeine hit, so you can drink as much as you want, even before bed time because this coffee can help you sleep! 
Box of 20 sachets. Makes approx 4 cups per sachet of Delicious Healthy Coffee.  Great to take with you where ever you go. Keep a sachet in your pocket for convenience !


Ganoderma Coffee has arrived in a big way to rejuvenate the health and life of avid coffee loving people! Most of you are aware of the ill effects of long term excess caffeine consumption. If you just can't do without your regular cups of coffee - switch over to Ganoderma coffee - the much healthier coffee choice?


Ganoderma coffee is an absolutely natural product. The caffeine content contained in this type of coffee is very low as compared to the fully caffeinated and decaffeinated varieties. As far as taste is concerned - it is as rich, strong and deliciously tasty.

Arabica coffee. The bushes grow at over 1000 feet above sea level, on Brazilian farms, which grow exclusively for this company. No pesticides are used and full control is maintained over the organic farming process. At this altitude, the Arabica bushes have no insect problem, and so do not produce extra caffeine. In fact, these produce only around 0.6% caffeine (about 8-14mg), which is less than the caffeine found in Green Tea. Traditional coffee carries between 60-170mg per cup and it takes two cups of water to offset the dehydrating effects or up to 17 cups to neutralise the acidity.


DXN selections of coffees are quickly becoming internationally renowned. But how does it compare to regular coffees ?   We challenge you to feel the difference! 

Gano Coffee - Can It Be Good For You?


Are you a coffee addict ?
Are you searching for a healthier coffee alternative?
Do you enjoy a good cup of coffee, but choose other beverages, because it does not agree with you?
If you answered "Yes" to any of these questions, you are in for a pleasant surprise.
Believe it or not, not all coffee is  bad for you. Ganoderma coffee is Good for You !
In fact, its ever-increasing popularity indicates that it is here to stay.


Ganoderma coffee is a wonderful alternative for those who cannot tolerate caffeine. It is also recommended for those who wish to decrease their caffeine intake. Our Ganoderma coffee is actually LOWER in caffeine, than many commercially processed decaffeinated coffees.


It is rich in flavor and high in energy. Ganoderma coffee has the potential to help you sleep, deliver more oxygen to your brain, help to keep your weight in balance, remove body toxins and much more!


Ganoderma Coffee is great tasting and is even suitable for children who love the taste of coffee. Remember this is Nutritional & Healthy Coffee.  Ganoderma is available in tea and other beverages, as well.


Worldwide more than 2 BILLION cups are consumed daily.  Join the ranks of healthier drinkers.


You do not need to eliminate coffee from your diet. Make the switch to Ganoderma coffee and enjoy a full-flavored cup, or two, whenever the mood strikes you. You will start to feel more rejuvenated almost immediately.

Remember, the next time someone offers you a cup of coffee, pull out your Ganoderma Coffee sachet and offer them a Nutritional & Healthy Coffee instead. They will be glad you did !


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