Understanding the Healing Response    


Many people are caught off guard and fail to understand and interpret the symptoms when the body is changing from an acidic to an alkaline condition. Many of these symptoms and changes are unpleasant but they are short in duration, sporadic, and are a necessary part of the healing process.

There are several reasons why this happens:


1. The body and mind begin to show changes because the quality of nutrients coming into the body is of higher quality than the tissue of which the body is made. Your body has only one material from which to make tissue – your food and the nutrients it contains. Modern food usually contains poor nutrient content, and often it is even poisonous with additives. 

 The body begins to discard the lower grade materials to make room for the superior materials. The discarding of the material can come through the bowel causing "diarrhea”, though the kidney causing "backache”, through the respiratory system causing "cold” symptoms or through the skin causing boils, acne, rashes, psoriasis, etc., but these are temporary and will disappear when the body is cleansed of toxins.


2. Indigestion, heartburn, flatulence, bloating and burping usually starts soon after you start taking superior nutrients. This happens because your body is not used to digesting these nutrients, which often indicates that you have been deficient of these nutrients for a long time. The body's digestion usually improves in a week or two. Taking the nutrients with meals will often help.

3. Suppressed body functions will be stimulated to detoxify the body. The body will return to at least the same level of health as before, if not superior health, unless you do something to suppress this progress, such as:              
 Ceasing to supply these nutrients to the body

 Reducing the supply too early

 Continuing the intake of toxins which caused the problems in the first place


 4. It is important at this time to rest and sleep more. Once the toxins are eliminated the body is ready for the building process.


5. Moderate weight fluctuation often occurs (either weight loss or weight gain) but will stabilize.


6. Skin rashes or acne. The skin is the largest eliminating organ, so the concept of toxins coming out through the skin is easily understood, even if it is hard to face.


7. Aches, pains and arthritis will often get stirred up, even if you haven't been suffering with it for years. This happens because uric acid and toxins aggravate these conditions as they are cleansed from the body.


8. Fevers can occur when dormant bacteria and virus are being cleaned out. This sounds discouraging, but the healing crisis doesn't last very long and the benefits of cleaning out these toxins and disease elements are vitally important. These bacteria, virus or toxins are going to show up sooner or later. You can either have a healthy body handle them on your terms or it will come out when it overpowers your weakened body.



It is better to go through small healing responses than a full-blown health crisis.
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