THERE IS NO DISEASE    by Robert O. Young: 


Disease names like diabetes and osteoporosis are misleading and misinform patients about disease prevention. There is a curious tendency in conventional medicine to name a set of symptoms a disease. Yet the language is all backwards. Osteoporosis isn't a disease that causes weak bones, osteoporosis is the name given to a diagnosis of weak bones. In other words, the weak bones are the result of excess acidity in the body, and then the diagnosis of osteoporosis followed, a made-up name given to a pattern of symptoms that indicate you are over-acid which causes your bones to get fragile.

As another example, when a person follows an unhealthy lifestyle that results in a symptom such as high blood pressure. This phrase is thrown around as if it were an actual disease and not merely descriptive of patient physiology.

When we look at symptoms and give them disease names, we automatically distort the selection of available treatments for such a disease. If the disease is, by itself, high cholesterol, then the cure for the disease must be nothing other than lowering the high cholesterol. And that's how we end up with all these pharmaceuticals treating high cholesterol in order to 'prevent' this disease and lower the levels of LDL cholesterol in the human patient. By lowering only the cholesterol, the doctor can rest assured that he is, in fact, treating this 'disease,' since the definition of this 'disease' is high cholesterol and nothing else.

But there is a fatal flaw in this approach to disease treatment: the symptom is not the cause of the disease. There is another cause, and this deeper cause is routinely ignored by conventional medicine, doctors, drug companies, and even patients. Let's take a closer look at high blood pressure. What actually causes high blood pressure? Many doctors would say high blood pressure is caused by a specific, measurable interaction between circulating chemicals in the human body. Thus, the ill-behaved chemical compounds are the cause of the high blood pressure, and therefore the solution is to regulate these chemicals. That's exactly what pharmaceuticals do -- they attempt to manipulate the chemicals in the body to adjust the symptoms of high blood pressure. Thus, they only treat the symptoms, not the root cause.

Or take a look at high cholesterol. The conventional medicine approach says that high cholesterol is caused by a chemical imbalance in the liver, which is the organ that produces cholesterol. Thus the treatment for high cholesterol is a prescription drug that inhibits the liver's production of cholesterol (statin drugs). Upon taking these drugs, the high cholesterol (the 'disease') is regulated, but what was causing the liver to overproduce cholesterol in the first place? That causative factor remains ignored.

The root cause of high cholesterol, as it turns out, is primarily an over acidic diet. A person who eats foods that are acidic will inevitably cause the body to go into preservation mode and produce more cholesterol to neutralize the excess acid thus showing the symptoms of this so-called disease of high cholesterol. Its simple cause and effect. Eat the wrong foods, and you'll produce too much acid which will cause the body to release cholesterol from the liver to bind up that acid which can be detected and diagnosed by conventional medical procedures.

You see it is not the cholesterol that is bad it is the acid producing food we eat that is bad.  Reduce the acid producing foods like beef, chicken, pork, dairy, coffee, tea, soda pops, etc and you will reduce the protective cholesterol that is saving your life from excess acid foods.

 Yet the root cause of all this is actually poor food choice (not eating enough chlorophyll rich foods eg Green foods), Itís not some bizarre behaviour by the liver. If the disease were to be accurately named, then, it would be called Acidic Food Choice Disease (AFCD), If it's an acidic foods choice disease, then it seems that the obvious solution to the disease would be to choose foods that aren't so acidic. Of course that may be a bit of simplification since you have to distinguish between healthy alkaline foods and unhealthy acidic foods. But at least the name AFCD gives patients a better idea of what's actually going on rather than naming the disease after a symptom, such as high cholesterol. You see, the symptom is not the disease, but conventional medicine insists on calling the symptom the disease because that way it can treat the symptom and claim success without actually addressing the underlying cause.

Another disease that's caused by poor acidic food choice is diabetes. Type 2 diabetes is the natural physiological and metabolic result of a person consuming refined carbohydrates and added sugars in large quantities, undigested proteins from beef, chicken, and pork without engaging in regular physical exercise.

The name 'diabetes' is meaningless to the average person. The disease should be called Excessive Acid Disease, or EAD. If it were called Excessive Acid Disease, the solution to it would be rather apparent; the body should simply eat less sugar, then by detoxing the body it will re-balance itself. Eat more Alkaline foods, by eating green foods like Spirulina, or green leafy vegetables which have high amounts of Chlorophyll in it which is a major key to a healthy life. Also eating foods with enzymes in it (uncooked food) will make a huge difference to balancing your body back.


Another disease that is named after its symptom is cancer. In fact, to this day, most doctors and many patients still believe that cancer is a physical thing: a tumour. In reality, a tumour is the solution of cancer, not its cause. A tumour is simply a physical manifestation of bound up acidic cells so they do not spoil other healthy cells. The tumour is the solution to cells damaged by acids not the problem.  The truth is cancer is not a cell but an acidic liquid.  When a person 'has cancer,' what they really have is a latent tissue acidosis. They are absorbing their own acidic urine. LTA would be a far better name for the disease: Latent Tissue Acidosis. If cancer were actually called Latent Tissue Acidosis, it would seem ridiculous to try to cure cancer by cutting out tumours through surgery and by destroying the immune system with chemotherapy. And yet these are precisely the most popular treatments for cancer offered by conventional medicine. These treatments do absolutely nothing to support the patient's immune system and prevent the build up of acids in the tissues. That's exactly why most people who undergo chemotherapy or the removal of tumours through surgical procedures end up with yet more cancer a few months or a few years later. It's also another reason why survival rates of cancer have barely budged over the last twenty years. (In other words, conventional medicine's treatments for cancer simply don't work.)

The main reason is current medical science wrongly perceives cancer as a cell when in reality cancer is an acidic liquid, like lactic acid.
 This whole situation stems from the fact that the disease is misnamed. It isn't cancer, it isn't a tumour and it certainly isn't a disease caused by having too strong of an immune system that needs to be destroyed through chemotherapy. It is simply latent tissue acidosis. And if it were called latent tissue acidosis disease or urine in the tissues, the effective treatment for cancer would be apparent.

  In Chinese medicine, Alzheimer's disease is given a name that means, when translated, 'feeble mind disease.' In Chinese medicine, the name of the disease more accurately describes the actual cause of the disease which is caused by acids or urine on the brain, whereas in western medicine, the name of the disease seems to be intended to obscure the root cause of the disease, thereby making all diseases sound far more complex and mysterious than they really are.
This is one way in which doctors and practitioners of western medicine keep medical treatments out of the reach of the average citizen. Because, they sure don't want people thinking for themselves about the causes of disease!
 That's a shame, because the treatments and cures for virtually all chronic diseases are actually quite simple and can be described in plain language, such as making different alkaline food choices, getting more natural sunlight, drinking more alkaline water, engaging in regular physical exercise, avoiding specific acidic foods, supplementing your diet with green foods and green drinks and alkalizing nutritional supplements like Spirulina.

When your bones are brittle, it's not acidic brittle bones disease; it's called osteoporosis, something that sounds very technical and complicated. And to treat it, western doctors and physicians will give you prescriptions for expensive drugs that somehow claim to make your bones less brittle. But in fact, the real treatment for all these can be described in plain language once again: have a daily intake of Spirulina (approx 2 - 3,000mgs) regular physical exercise, vitamin D supplementation, natural sunlight, and avoidance of acidic foods such as soft drinks, white flour and added sugars. Always eat food rich in enzymes eg: uncooked vegetables, this will help your body digest its food. And a daily intake of a natural fermented cider not pasteurised, (apple cider is a good one) two teaspoons with water will make your body more alkaline.

 In fact, virtually every disease that's prominent in modern society -- diabetes, cancer, heart disease, osteoporosis, clinical depression, irritable bowel syndrome and so on -- can be easily reversed if you first detox and change youíre eating habits to more alkaline foods.

by Robert O. Young: 
from Rumour Mills Reading Room Archive

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